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Getting Married in Jamaica - Hotel Planned Weddings

Several resorts in Jamaica offer wedding services and will make all arrangements for you. Some hotels even offer weddings inclusive in your holiday package! Ask your travel agent which hotels offer this service and once the hotel or tour operator offers this service, most travel agents will even assist you with the planning.


Special wedding packages can include performance of the ceremony, taxes, transportation, wedding cake and flowers. Check ahead as these packages vary; select the options that are important to you.  For more information on getting everything ready for your dream wedding visit, click on the following link Jamaica Bridal Guide.


The process is the same as when using a Marriage Officer. The main difference may be the cost or the time frame for sending the required documents to the hotel.


Some hotels require the documents at least 6 weeks prior the proposed wedding date. Please verify all details with the hotel or tour operator first.


Prior to your Arrival to Jamaica

Remember to bring the original documents with you. This is very important, or else all the arrangements would have been for naught!


After the ceremony

Immediately after the marriage ceremony you will be given a copy of the Marriage Register which is a proof of marriage.  The Marriage Register is signed by the Marriage Officer, the couple and the witnesses.  The Marriage Register is NOT a legal document and therefore cannot be used to conduct business.  You must obtain a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate.