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Getting Married in Jamaica - Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate

The Marriage Certificate is legal proof that the marriage has taken place and is issued after the marriage has been registered by the Registrar General’s Department.  You may apply for the Marriage Certificate directly or through the Marriage Officer.  Please consult with your Marriage Officer or the Hotel wedding coordinator when you make initial contact regarding your wedding arrangements to ensure the costs cover the payment for a certified copy of the Marriage Certificate.


Processing Time: The Registrar General’s Department takes between seven (7) working days to one (1) month to be process the certified copy of the Marriage Certificate.


If your country’s language is not English, then your documents must be legalised by the Embassy/High Commission which represents your government in Jamaica. Once the original Marriage Certificate is issued by the Jamaican Government, the certified copy is sent to the Marriage Officer who will forward this with your address to your Embassy/High Commission.  Alternatively, you may have the original Marriage Certificate authenticated by the Jamaican High Commission prior to being legalized by your respective Foreign Ministry.


Only after being legalised by your Foreign Ministry, is the marriage process in Jamaica complete and your marriage will be recognised as a legal union in your country of origin.