High Commission,



Payment of Monthly Pension To Jamaicans Residing in Canada

The Jamaican High Commission facilitates the payment of monthly pensions from the Accountant General’s Department (AGD), to Government of Jamaica pensioners who choose to receive their pension in Canada.  Eligible persons must apply directly to the Accountant General’s Department for their payment to be transferred to the High Commission in Ottawa.  

See if you are eligible to receive a pension, or contact the Pensions Unit at the AGD at:


Accountant General’s Department

1-2 King Street


Tel: (876) 922 8320, (876) 750 4962, (876) 750 4964

Toll Free: (888) 991 3005

Email:     info@treasury.gov.jm


If you are eligible to receive a pension from the Government of Jamaica, kindly contact the Human Resources Department of the last Government office where you were employed.  You will be advised of the relevant documents to be submitted for the processing of your pension. The documents will then be forwarded to the Pensions Branch of the Ministry of Finance and Planning for processing.  That Ministry will finalize the payment and forward to the Accountant General’s Department to commence pension payment.


N.B. The Jamaican High Commission is not responsible for pensioners receiving pensions through the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).


On approval of the Accountant General to transfer payment, pensioners must initially supply the High Commission with a notarized copy of their valid passport and one document verifying Canadian legal status.


Monthly payments are made  on receipt of a Life Certificate signed and stampedby a Notary Public, Banker, Medical Doctor or Magistrate.   The original Life Certificate must be submitted to the High Commission; faxed and scanned copies will NOT be accepted.


Payment Calculation

Payments are calculated monthly using the current exchange rate of the Jamaican Dollar against the Canadian Dollar.   Cheques are mailed to the pensioner monthly.  The High Commission is unable to facilitate the deposit of cheques to bank accounts.


Passing of a Pensioner  

Following the passing of a pensioner, the next of kin is required to advise the High Commission in writing and to submit a notarized copy of the Death Certificate.  This information will be transmitted to the Accountant General’s Department by the High Commission.



NIS Pensions

See information on NIS Retirement Benefits, contact the Ministry of Labour and Social Security at:


14 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Tel: (876) 922 8000-9

Toll Fee:  (888) 991 2089

Fax: (876) 924 9639

Email: mlss_recmgmt@cwjamaica.com