High Commission,



Legalization of Documents

The authentication or certification of a document is an attestation by a Consular Officer at the High Commission in Ottawa or the Consulate General in Toronto to certify the authenticity of a signature affixed to the document. The purpose of authentication/certification by the Jamaican High Commission or Consulate General is to ensure that document issued in Canada will be acknowledged by relevant authorities in Jamaica and will be recognized with full legal effect.


What documents we authenticate:

·      Commercial and civil documents with signatures issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs Trade & Development Canada (DFATD) on documents for use in Jamaica. The authentication of Canadian documents is a two-phase process. First, DFATD certifies that the document has been issued by the proper authority, after which the Jamaican High Commission legalizes the document by authenticating the signature of the DFATD official.


What documents we certify:

·      Jamaican civil documents issued by Jamaican government offices to be used in Canada in order for it to have the intended legal effect in Canada.


·      Documents for an individual who needs to execute an affidavit or oath such as power of attorney or individuals who need a witness for their signature on documents destined for use to Jamaica, must appear in person at the Jamaican High Commission in Ottawa or the Consulate General of Jamaica in Toronto, for the document to be certified by a Consular Officer.


We do not:

·      Approve a document’s content.

·      Authenticate or certify photocopies of documents.


Please note that DFATD Canada is responsible for providing authentication service to Canadian citizens and foreign nationals on all Canadian documents for use overseas.

Application Requirements for Authentications

The document(s) should be:

·      Notarized by a notary public, lawyer or Commissioner of Oaths of Canada, and then submitted to the Authentication and Service of Documents Section of DFATD.

·        Legal and without contents violating Jamaican law or threatening to Jamaica’s national or public interests.

·        Original copies and a set of photocopies for Mission’s records submitted.


Application Requirements for Certifications

·      The original document issued by the Jamaican government office or the original document for the applicant to affix his/her signature.

·      A photocopy of the document to be certified must also be provided for the Mission’s record.


Applicable Fees:

·        Authentication fee is CAD$30.00 per signature.

·        Certification fee is CAD$20.00 per signature.


The fees are payable in cash, money order or bank draft addressed to the Jamaican High Commission.


Processing times

Authentication and certification of documents takes three (3) business days.


The certified document will be available for pick up between 9:30am – 1:30pm Monday through Friday at the reception window. In case where the applicant is not able to collect the document, a designated representative must present a letter of authorization from the applicant as well as his/ her ID card.


For mailing of processed documents, the applicant must provide a pre-paid return envelope.